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Very Interesting Information on Freemasons (from Rich Vermillion)

This is an interesting article on the KCM ministry We have been asked MANY TIMES over the last few years whether the Copeland family (and in particular, Kenneth Copeland himself) are Freemasons — and, of course, this question includes whether any of them are members of one or more of the affiliated Masonic groups (e.g., “The Order of the Eastern Star,” “DeMolay,” “Job’s Daughters,” “Rainbow Girls,” etc.). Obviously, this “Masonic question” is one that people want answered clearly and without any equivocation. So for our 44th published article of this redemptive project, we have decided to begin answering those inquiries publicly for the first time. Of course, other people have tried to address this issue online before, too. Unfortunately, those that we have seen do this have typically provided very few facts to support their conclusions. Unless evidence is provided to a reasonable degree, an uninformed “conclusion” is really only an assumption of fact. To assume that something is true, and then argue that it is true because of that assumption, is known in logic as the informal fallacy “begging the question” (also known as, “circular reasoning”). You simply cannot “prove” that an unsubstantiated assumption is true by that very same assumption. That is patently absurd — and certainly prone to rejection by others. Worse yet, too often these same people also insist that Kenneth Copeland is specifically a “33rd degree” Mason. Again, this is mere speculation that is based upon the very same “begging the question” fallacy we just discussed. So since these people have no more evidence to support such a specific assertion of a particular degree, than they did regarding their more general accusation of the Copeland family’s Masonic affiliation, the accusers tend to lack ANY serious credibility with people who actively follow the teachings of the Copeland family (among whom Donna and I were once ourselves, by the way…so I know of that of which I speak). These speculating accusers simply come across as outlandish and kooky ranters, rather than sincere people presenting the truth about the matter. Such fallacious assumptions, as those that I just discussed above, are of no help to anybody. They only serve to convince most Copeland followers that there is actually no concrete evidence available to support such a Masonic accusation. However, this resulting false assumption by Copeland followers is also based upon at least two informal logical fallacies. The first is a form of an “appeal to ignorance,” wherein they falsely assume that because a point HAS NOT been proven before, that it CANNOT be proven at all. The second fallacy, however, is the same “begging the question” error that the accusers have often based their charges upon. Herein, the Copeland followers have themselves first assumed that the Copelands are NOT Freemasons, and then they cite the lack of evidence as the “proof” of that assumption — thus, the mix of the two fallacies — as they proceed to then argue that the Copelands are “innocent” of such charges. Nevertheless, despite the ambiguity of the debate to date, there is actually quite a lot of evidence that the Copelands are, in fact, Freemasons. We have been examining the issue at length for some time now, and have gathered information from KCM’s own website and other places — and even OTHER countries — which seems to demand a “verdict” of “guilty” regarding their Masonic connections. Thus, we seem to be far better equipped to address this issue than those who have attempted to do so before us. Therefore, within this series of articles, we will provide both copious evidence and sound analysis of the available facts. And, as always, we will provide our readers with many downloads, which can be examined more closely offline — as thoroughly as you desire. . Start by Downloading Your Copy To begin, however, we highly recommend that you download a copy of this very article as a backup. For those of you who can read English, we have provided it here for you in an Adobe “Portable Document Format” (PDF) version. This will not only allow you to archive it for offline viewing, but it will also provide you a handy PDF version of this entire article, which you can then email to others (such as KCM and EMIC staff) and/or post it upon your own website: This ENTIRE article has been made into a downloadable PDF file, which you can download for offline viewing and/or to email to others. Simply "right-click" with your mouse (or if you are using a laptop, try either "control-click" or "option-click") to see the menu, and then select "save target as" (PC) or "save link as" (Mac) to download this PDF file to your computer. To Download: Simply “right-click” with your mouse (or if you are using a laptop, try either “control-click” or “option-click”) to see the menu, and then select “save target as” (PC) or “save link as” (Mac) to download this PDF file to your computer. All of the Adobe PDF downloads on this page may be freely redistributed for non-commercial purposes by email, on a website, or by any other means. What’s the Big Deal? Of course, before we can begin examining the evidence itself, we must first answer a few questions. And, of course, the preeminent question among these is, “So what? What if the Copelands ARE Freemasons…what is so bad about that?” Simply put, this first post of this series has been designed with the intention of providing our readers a great quantity of information regarding Freemasonry before we get into a serious examination of the evidence regarding the Copeland family specifically. To begin let me, in brief, offer the following list of the key problems to be considered with regard to Masonic membership (by anyone, including the Copelands): Although it claims to be “ancient,” Speculative Freemasonry (i.e., the only kind that exists today, versus the original trade guild that it supplanted) began circa 1717 A.D., in England. Therefore, the only things that are truly “ancient” within Freemasonry are the occult practices and doctrines (e.g., cabala, Eastern mysticism, etc.), which they have adopted as their own. Thus, by misrepresenting itself as “ancient” when it is not, the entire organization is a lying fraud, or an “imposture.” Although its members claim that it is benevolent, and even “founded upon Christian principles,” this is an outright lie which they are trained to explain to others, due to their Masonic oaths to conceal the true facts. Their alleged “benevolence” (e.g., building “children’s hospitals,” like the Shriners tend to advertise) has been their practice only since the 1830s, due to their public exposure during the First Anti-Masonic Movement (i.e., such “charity” is solely for “public relations” purposes); it consumes only a small fraction of their revenues (most of which goes toward their parties and other uses); and such limited “charity” CANNOT DO ANYTHING to erase the evil nature of the institution itself. In short, such claims are mere “whitewash on dirty tombs” (note Matthew 23:27). Thus, every member of this organization, by conveying such hypocritical “red herrings” and factual distortions to non-Masons, is a lying fraud, or an “impostor.” The actual oaths sworn by its members — beginning at the very first “degree” called the “Entered Apprentice” — include the penalty of a violent execution of the betraying Mason (i.e., their murder), should the candidate reveal ANY of that degree’s secrets to others (even to other Freemasons of lower rank). And these oaths are required BEFORE the person is even told what the “secrets” are to which they are swearing to protect. Thus, every member of this organization MUST be considered a false witness regarding the institution whose “secrets” they swore to defend — which oaths are under no less than the penalty of death. The actual ceremonies include lying myths (fabrications) about the Bible, and people of the Scriptures (e.g., Solomon, Enoch, Tubal-Cain, and even Jesus Christ, etc.), which become more and more blasphemous as the Masons advance in “degrees” higher and higher. Thus, every Freemason is a blasphemer and heretic by the mere fact that they took such oaths and participated within those ceremonies — but also because they often actually SECRETIVELY BELIEVE those myths, as if they were true, although they rarely disclose that publicly to others. History tells us that there really have been actual murders committed in order to cover up the secrets of this “institution” (e.g., Captain William Morgan in 1826), and beginning at the 7th degree of “Royal Arch Mason,” Freemasons begin to swear to conceal such murders and to protect the murderers. Worse yet, beginning at the 12th degree in the Scottish Rite, blasphemously named the “Holy and Thrice Illustrious Order of the Cross,” they actually swear to actually perform severe persecutions of anybody betraying the “order” — which persecutions can (and historically, did at times) include murder. And thus, even at the lowest degrees, every Mason is an accomplice to murder — by default — simply because they actively support this murderously evil institution. And etc…and etc…and etc. The list above sums up only a FEW of the major issues. However, the materials that I will provide for you further below expose so much more than the brief outline I have revealed above. . A President’s Take on Things President John Quincy Adams (the sixth U.S. President, and the son of John Adams, the second U.S. President) wrote extensively AGAINST the institution of Freemasonry. He summed it all up nicely in one of his letters to a high-level Freemason, Colonel William L. Stone — a “Knight Templar,” who had to drink wine from a real human skull in order to obtain that “degree” through the rite of the “Fifth Libation” (which occult rite is also practiced by satanists, by the way). This man had ceased his active involvement in the lodge, but was not fully repentant and willing to FULLY secede from membership. Nevertheless, Colonel Stone was quite upset about the William Morgan murder. And although he tried to minimize the evil nature of the institution through somewhat of an apologetic approach with his answers to Mr. Adams’ inquiries, he was still often quite honest about certain facts within his written replies on many points. Thus, he was persecuted by his fellow Masons for further exposing their evil history and practices (and confirming what was already exposed), despite the fact that he was only reluctantly providing the information that he did. The following is the text from that letter. However, please note that the footnotes (found at the bottom of this webpage), and the bracketed notes within the text, are mine; and I provided them simply for additional clarity: To William L. Stone, Esq.[1] Quincy, 29 August, 1832. Dear Sir:—Long, and, I fear, tedious, as you have found my last letter, I was compelled by a reluctance at making it longer, to compress the observations in it upon the intrinsic nature of the Masonic oaths, obligations, and penalties within a compass insufficient to disclose my opinion, and the reasons upon which it is founded. I had said to you that the institution of Freemasonry was vicious, in its first step, the initiation oath, obligation, and penalty of the Entered Apprentice [i.e., the first degree]. To sustain this opinion, I assigned to you five reasons. Because they were, 1. Contrary to the laws of the land, extra-judicially [i.e., outside of a court of law] taken and administered. 2. In violation of the positive precept of Jesus Christ [i.e., to not swear any extra-judicial oath at all; see Matthew 5:33-37]. 3. A pledge to keep undefined secrets, the swearer being ignorant of their nature. 4. A pledge to the penalty of death for violation of the oath. 5. A pledge to a mode of death—cruel, unusual, unfit for utterance from human lips. If, in the statement of these five objections, upon principles of law, religion, and morals, there be anything unsound, I invite you to point it out. But if you contest either of my positions, I must entreat you not to travel out of the record. I might ask you not to consider it a refutation of either of these reasons, to say that you and all other honest and honorable Masons have never so understood or practiced upon this oath, obligation, and penalty. The inquiry is not what you practice, or that of others has been, but what is the obligation, its oath, and its penalty. I must request of you to give me no explanation of this oath, obligation, and penalty, directly contrary to their unequivocal import—that you will not explain black by saying that it means white, or even by alleging that you so understand it. I particularly beg not to be told that honorable, intelligent, and virtuous men—George Washington and Joseph Warren for example—understood that the penalty of death for treachery meant the death of martyrdom for fidelity. I would willingly be spared the necessity of replying to the averment [i.e., positive statement] that the patterns of honor and virtue whom I have just named, with a long catalogue [catalog] of such men, have taken this oath, and bound themselves to this obligation, under this penalty; for I might deem it proper to inquire whether the very act of binding such men, by such oath, to such obligation, under such penalty, is not among the sins of the institution. I must ask you to suppose that such institution had never existed—that it were now to be formed, and that you were one of ten or twenty virtuous and intelligent men about to found a charitable and convivial secret association. Suppose a committee of such a meeting appointed to draw up a constitution for the society should report the Entered Apprentice’s oath, obligation, and penalty, as a form of initiation for the admission of members. I do not ask you whether you would vote for the acceptance of the report; but what would you think of the reporters? I consider this as the true and only test of the inherent and essential character of Masonry, and it was under this conviction that I told you that the Entered Apprentice’s oath was sufficient to settle, in my mind, the immoral character of the institution. It is, perhaps, too much to ask of you an explicit assent to these positions, because you may consider it an acknowledgment of error. But this is the first and fundamental consideration, from which I draw the conclusion that Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong—essentially wrong—a seed of evil, which can never produce any good. It may perish in the ground—it may never rise to bear fruit; but whatever fruit it does bear must be rank poison; it can never prove a blessing but by its barrenness. My objections to this seminal principle of Masonry apply, in all their force, to the single obligation, the form of which is given in the appendix to your volume (page 3), where it is stated to have been the only obligation, taken for all three degrees, so late as 1730, when only three degrees of Masonry were known. The oath is in fewer words, but more comprehensive; for the obligation is to keep “the secrets or secrecy of Masons or Masonry.” There is indeed a qualification in the promise not to write, print, mark, &c., which seems to keep the obligations within the verge of the law. For the promise is to reveal nothing whereby the secret might be unlawfully obtained. The penalty is also death, not for constancy, but for treachery, ” so that there shall be no remembrance of me among Masons.” The oath, obligation, and penalty, the only one taken in all the degrees of Masonry known but one century ago, is the prolific parent of all the degrees, and all the oaths, obligations, and penalties since invented, and of the whole progeny of crimes descended from them. The natural and unavoidable tendency of such an obligation is the multiplication of its kind. This tendency is among the most obvious causes, which have led to the interdiction of all such oaths and obligations, by the civil, the ecclesiastical, and the moral law. The obligation is to keep undefined secrets. As they are undefined in the obligation itself, there is nothing in the constitutions of Masonry to define them, or to secure uniformity either of the secrets or of the obligations. Every lodge may vary the secrets, obligations, and penalties; and, accordingly, they have been so varied that scarcely any two adhering Masons give the same account of them. Almost the only defense of Masonry, after the publication, of the books of David Bernard and Avery Allyn, consisted in efforts to discredit them, by denying that the oaths, obligations, and penalties were truly stated by them. A secret institution in three degrees, the secret of each degree being withheld from the members of the degrees inferior to it, is a perpetual temptation to the initiated to multiply the secrets and the degrees. Thus it is that the lodges have grown into chapters, the chapters into encampments, the encampments into consistories; and, so long ago as December, 1802, the grand inspectors of the United States of America issued, at Charleston, South Carolina, a circular announcing the existence and names of the thirty-three degrees of Masonry. The secrets, to the keeping of which the Entered Apprentice is sworn, are indefinite. In genuine Masonry, when revealed to him, he finds them frivolous. You acknowledged that your first feeling upon receiving them was disappointment. So must it be with every reflecting, intelligent man; nor is it conceivable that any such Entered Apprentice, on leaving the lodge after his admission, should fail to have observed, with pain and mortification, the contrast between the awful solemnity of the oath which he has taken, and the extreme insignificance of the secrets revealed to him. It is to meet this unavoidable impression that the institution is graduated. The lure of curiosity is still held out, and its attractive power is sinewed,[2] by the very disappointment which the apprentice has experienced. He takes the degrees of Fellowcraft and Master Mason, and still finds disappointment—still finds himself bound by tremendous oaths to keep trifling and frivolous secrets. The practice of the institution is deceptive and fraudulent. It holds out to him a promise which it never performs. Its promise is light; its performance is darkness. But it introduces him to intimate, confidential, and exclusive relations, with a select and limited circle of other men—and to the same confidential and exclusive relations, with great multitudes of men belonging to every civilized nation throughout the globe. The Entered Apprentice’s oath is merely an oath of secrecy; but the candidate who takes it has pledged himself, by his application for admission, to conform to all the ancient established usages and customs of the fraternity. And the charge of the master, given him upon the Bible, compasses, and square, presents him with three precious jewels—a listening ear, a silent tongue, and a faithful heart—all, of course, exclusively applicable to the secrets revealed to him; and he is told that the listening ear teaches him to listen to the instructions of the worshipful master, but more especially to the cries of a worthy distressed brother; and the faithful heart teaches him to be faithful to the instructions of the worshipful master at all times, but more especially to keep and conceal the secrets of Masonry, and those of a brother, when given to him in charge as such, that they may remain as secure and inviolable in his (the Entered Apprentice’s) breast as in his (the brother’s) own. Two check-words are also presented to him—truth and union—the explanation of which concludes that the heart and tongue of Freemasons join in promoting each other’s welfare, and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity. Thus the essential nature of the Entered Apprentice’s oath, preceded by his pledge to conform to all the established usages and customs of the fraternity, and followed by the charge of the master, is secret and exclusive favor, assistance, and fidelity to the brotherhood and brothers of the craft. Now combine together the disappointment which every intelligent accepted Mason must feel, at the puerility of the secrets revealed to him, compared with the appalling solemnity of the oath exacted from him for the purchase of his lambskin apron, and the secret ties with which he has linked himself with multitudes of other men, exclusively to favor, assist, and be faithful to each other, and acknowledge that the temptation to make the secrets more important, and to turn them to better account to the craft, must be irresistible. Judge this system a priori,[3] without reference to any of the consequences, which it has produced, and say if human ingenuity could invent an engine better suited to conspiracy of any kind. The Entered Apprentice returns from the lodge with his curiosity stimulated, his imagination bewildered, and his reason disappointed. The mixture of religion and morality, blended with falsehood and imposture, which pervade all the ceremonies of initiation, is like arsenic mingled up with balm. “Most dangerous Is that temptation which doth lead us on To sin in loving virtue.” If the candidate has been educated to a sincere and heart-felt reverence for religion and the Bible, and if he exercises his reason he knows that all the tales of Jachin and Boaz, of Solomon’s temple, of Hiram Abiff and Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubehim, are impostures—poisons poured into the perennial fountain of truth—traditions exactly resembling those reprobated [i.e., denounced as reprobate and ungodly] by Jesus Christ, as making the word of God of none effect. If, as in this age but too often happens, he enters the lodge a skeptic, the use of the Bible there, if it have any effect upon him, will turn him out a confirmed infidel. The sincere and rational believer in the gospel can find no confirmation of his faith in the unwarrantable uses made of the Holy Scriptures to shed an unction of their sanctity around the fabulous fabric of Freemasonry; while the reprobate miscreant will be taught the uses to which fraud and secrecy may turn the lessons of piety and virtue, inculcated in the sublimest effusions of divine inspiration. In those Scriptures we are told that when “the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the Lord their God,” they became idolaters, and were carried into captivity. Their cities then were soon filled with a mongrel race of Babylonians and Assyrians, who perverted the word of God with the impostures of paganism; burned their children in fire, to the gods of Sepharvaim; and “feared the Lord and served their graven images,”—an emblem of Freemasonry far more illustrative of its character than the tragedy of Hiram Abiff.[4] The Entered Apprentice’s oath is, therefore, in its own nature, a seminal principle of conspiracy; and this objection applies to the only oath originally taken in all the degrees of Freemasonry at its first institution. The ostensible primitive purposes of Freemasonry were all comprised in good fellowship. But to good fellowship, whether of labor or refreshment, neither secrecy, nor oath, nor penalties are necessary or congenial. In the original institution of Freemasonry there was then an ostensible and a secret object, and by the graduation of the order the means were supplied of converting it to any evil purpose of associated power, screened from the danger of detection. Hence, all the bitter fruits which the institution has borne in Germany, in France, in Mexico, and lastly, in this our beloved country. Nor could they have failed to be produced in Great Britain, but that, by sharp and biting statutes, they have been confined within the limits of the ostensible object of the brotherhood—good fellowship. [I] am, with much respect, dear sir, Your friend and servant, —John Quincy Adams . The foregoing discourse by Mr. Adams is well stated, indeed. And I will provide you a copy of the book from which that letter was taken, further below, along with several others. . Possible Responses Now, before we proceed further, we need to investigate the possible responses which could emanate from Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM) and/or the family members themselves, as people take the PDF copies of these pages and forward them to KCM for a response. (By the way, KCM has blocked this website from their internal network, so that their employees cannot see its content. So it is useless to send them a link when inquiring about their response, because the employees simply cannot see the articles. Instead, download the PDF version of each article, which we will provide you near the top of every page, like we did further above within this article too. Then email those PDF files to KCM — or whomever else you wish to send them to — and ask them in the body of your email to respond to these allegations and the associated evidence we will be presenting within each article of this series.) Now, what are the possible responses from KCM and/or the family members about the facts we will be presenting within this series of articles? Well… They could admit it, and repent: Obviously, this would be our hope. Since we believe that the evidence is quite conclusive, it would certainly be in the best interest of Kenneth Copeland and his family (and any staff who are also Freemasons) to research the materials that I will present on this page further below, and to understand how deceived they have been for all these many years. Then, upon such a discovery, it would be best for them to repent of their involvement in Freemasonry and all their other sins, and to throw themselves upon the mercy of God at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and get saved. (Yes, I mean get saved for the first time…please note my article, Is Kenneth Copeland SAVED? for OTHER evidence that none of them are currently saved; and this is in addition to the Masonic evidence that I will provide in this series that seems to prove that none of them EVER were truly born again, because they have been heretic Freemasons with a “different Jesus” and believing a “different gospel” all this time…see Galatians chapter one and 2 Corinthians chapter 11.) However, if they DO actually repent and get saved, they will also need to PUBLICLY admit their sins and errors, and apologize to all those they have affected by their subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) perverted doctrines. They would ALSO have to PUBLICLY denounce Freemasonry, and send letters to the lodges/groups of which they are members renouncing their membership forever. They could deny it: Of course, the next logical possibility is that KCM could deny the allegations, and try to explain why there is so much evidence that they have Masonic affiliation. If they DO attempt to deny it, however, then such denials should: Come from the mouths of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and their family members, THEMSELVES…and not merely some press release written by a lower-level employee (i.e., peon) somewhere down below them, who may personally have no idea what the Copelands are involved in. They should also PUBLICLY denounce the institution of Freemasonry, and expose its heinous nature within their public teaching (i.e., on the BVOV television broadcast, within the BVOV magazine, and during KCM meetings, etc.), and advise people to stay away from that ungodly institution. They could try to “redefine” it: This is actually a very popular method among publicly-professing “Christians” who are really hypocritical Freemasons. (Note: All Freemasons are — by logical necessity, as demonstrated by their very behavior — liars and hypocrites. They are all liars, because they have sworn oaths to mislead and deceive people about what Freemasonry is, and what they really do and believe therein. They are all hypocrites because they publicly, and among non-Mason family and friends, display one set of beliefs and behaviors, while privately, and among other Masons, they believe and do something else. All liars are hypocrites, because they say one thing, but believe another thing to actually be true. All hypocrites are liars, because they act one way in one setting, but another way within another setting. So by logical necessity, ALL Freemasons are both liars and hypocrites.) Masons especially attempt this tactic whenever they admit (because they are “cornered” by the facts) that they are Masons, because they then try to paint the organization as “benign” or as a “mere fraternity,” or in some other way as “less evil” than it really is. However, even non-admitting Masons will use this tactic, because their oaths require them to protect the “secrets” of the Masonry in every way possible, whether people KNOW they are Masons or not. Probably the most popular way this tactic is implemented (especially by secret Masons claiming publicly to be “Christians”) is by claiming that Freemasonry was largely “benign” (i.e., tame, innocent, etc.) before Albert Pike (1809-1891) came along and messed it up. However, the facts clearly refute this idea. Albert Pike did not become a Freemason until he joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840 (the “Odd Fellows” being one of many Masonic groups); and he did not obtain widespread influence over Freemasonry in general until he became the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859. And if you did not notice it before, you will see that the letter above by President John Quincy Adams was written in 1832 — well BEFORE Albert Pike even became a Mason, much less became an issue. (And I will provide you evidence below from the late 1700s which details the history of the blasphemous expansion of Freemasonry in Europe, which most certainly came to America through Freemasons like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others, who were known to frequent those very same lodges.) Furthermore, Mr. Adams proved that from the VERY first “degree” of “Entered Apprentice” the oaths, obligations, and practices of Freemasonry are blasphemous, heinous and harmful to any civilized society (and again, that degree was present from the beginning, when the Freemasons was merely a trade guild, although it expanded quickly to three degrees in England once “Speculative Freemasonry” was born in 1717 A.D.). Another similar tactic along this line is merely to change the subject, and to not address the question directly. This is called in logic a “red herring,” because it is intended to get people to drop the subject by distracting them with something else. However, the Copelands need to DIRECTLY address these questions if any reasonable person is going to believe that they are anything ELSE but active Freemasons. They could remain silent on the issue: This has been the FAVORITE tactic used so far by the Copelands to date. Questions about their involvement in Freemasonry have swirled around since at least the early 1980s. Yet, they have NEVER publicly addressed the question AT ALL personally in any way. Interestingly, this is actually FURTHER PROOF that they are most likely Freemasons. Why is this the case? Because this particular tactic has been the “standard practice” of Freemasonry ever since Edward Livingston, Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson (also a Freemason), became the “general grand high-priest” of the American lodges in 1830. President John Quincy Adam’s son, Charles Adams, explains this tactic’s history (bracketed notes and emphasis mine): …Some [Freemasons, who had high-profile positions in society] had the assurance publicly to deny the truth of all the allegations made against Masonry, and further to affirm that they had never taken obligations as Masons not compatible with their duties as citizens [which is a lie, of course]. Others—and the most important of these was Edward Livingston, then uniting with the possession of one of the chief posts of responsibility in the general government, that of the highest dignity in the Masonic hierarchy, made vacant by the death of Clinton,—deemed it the part of wisdom to remain sullenly dumb, abstaining from all controversy, and suffering the [Antimasonic] excitement against Masons to blow over and spend itself in vain. In this spirit Mr. Livingston proceeded to deliver what he called an Address to the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States, upon the occasion of his installation as general grand high-priest. He recommended that all attacks made upon the order to which they belonged should be met with dignified silence — as if dignified silence were not equally a resource for the most atrocious criminal and for the most unspotted citizen…. In other words, by merely offering “dignified silence” in answer to questions about Freemasonry, and its blasphemous oaths, rites, and beliefs, the tactic was to essentially leave some doubt in the minds others by the Masons’ refusal to discuss the matter at all. They hoped to wait until opposition had subsided enough to let the whole controversy die down, and then act like it never happened. And as Charles Adams pointed out above, “dignified silence” might be used by a criminal to hide their crimes, as much as by an “unspotted” (i.e., innocent) citizen to bypass an untrue or absurd accusation. Nevertheless, by leaving “doubt” in the mind of the other person whether the Masons is in the either criminal or moral-citizen category, this rather BRILLIANT tactic proved to be the best for helping to calm the public Anti-Masonry fervor (which had started when the Masonic execution-murder of Captain William Morgan had been reported widely). This worked better than any other method the Masons had attempted to employ to their favor beforehand. Consequently, this has become the PRIME tactic employed ever since, and seems to be the VERY one that the Copeland family have relied upon since the first major discussions of this issue began back no later than 1984. Thus, this point needs to be very well implanted in the minds of our readers: If the Copelands REFUSE to address — in a substantive way — the many documented facts that this series will make public, then that will itself be further PROOF that they are actually Freemasons. So to summarize our discussion within this subsection, these are the three most likely reactions by the Copeland family regarding this series of articles, and the documentation therein — documentation that will prove to the satisfaction of most reasonable people, that most (if not all) of the Copeland family are Freemasons: They might admit, in the light of the significant evidence, that this is the reality (which will take several articles in this series to reveal in a reasonably full manner), and also repent, get saved, and denounce the various Masonic organizations in which they were formerly involved. They might try to change the subject through distraction, and/or try to “redefine” Freemasonry as something that it is not — regardless of whether they admit their involvement or not. They might continue with the same “dignified silence” tactic that they have already used for 30 years or more, which is the primary standard tactic of most Masons — and thus, a tacit admission that they are really Freemasons. REGARDLESS of which method of response they choose: It should be quite evident to my readers by this point how utterly important it is for EACH of the Copelands to PERSONALLY — i.e., not through intermediaries — answer these charges, and to explain all of the evidence against them, if they want ANY reasonable person to conclude ANYTHING OTHER than that they are all active FREEMASONS. In fact, Jesus said as much Himself when He explained clearly: And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be EXPOSED. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God. (John 3:19-21, NKJV, Words of Christ in read, emphasis mine) So nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ explained what I have stated further above. Namely, that if the Copelands are innocent of all Masonic allegations, and “doing truth” in their actions, personal beliefs, and doctrines, then they will willingly “come to the light” and publicly address this matter. They will clearly, unequivocally — and PERSONALLY — state what they believe to be the truth. Either they were Freemasons, and have since repented, and will now denounce that heinous “institution” and all its subgroup derivatives; or they will clearly state that they were never Masons, and will instead offer (hopefully) a very reasonable explanation for all the Masonic evidence that we will examine, which indicates that really are Masons. However, if they continue their “dignified silence” tactic — or in any way try to distract everyone from this subject, or to paint Freemasonry in a “better light” than what both modern facts and history convey — then it will be clear to every thinking person that they have truly been Freemasons for all these years — and thus, liars and hypocrites, that still need to repent and get saved. If they choose to “love darkness” by hiding from this subject, and/or trying to obscure it, then Jesus said the reason they will be doing that is because they are “doing evil” behind the scenes. So any attempt to avoid the “light” will be PROOF POSITIVE that the Copelands “hate” even the slightest amount of “exposure” on the Freemason subject. It is really that simple. . FREE Resources About Freemasonry Now that I have introduced the subject matter, and covered somewhat the reasons why it is important to know whether the Copeland family (and their other staff) are Freemasons or not; and discussed their need to ADDRESS this issue personally and publicly; I think we have ALMOST built a solid foundation, upon which the evidence in the following articles of this series can be understood. Nevertheless, before we head into the first article of this series, I think it is VERY important to also first provide you with some additional resource downloads about the subject for your offline review. So the following documents and MP3 audio files, are all 100% FREE materials that will help you tremendously to learn more about the TRUE history of this evil group (and the many Masonic subgroups). Let me note that many of these digital copies of books are historical, dating back as far as 1798, while others are more recent. However, the age of the historical ones is not a problem because nearly EVERY Masonic lodge puts “ancient rite,” or refers to the “ancient landmarks” of the institution, upon their websites. As I mentioned before, this is a lie, because there is nothing “ancient” about them — except the occult practices that they have adopted since 1717 A.D. However, the fact that they even PUT such statements on their websites confirms that what they practice today is essentially the same heinous oaths, obligations, rites, blasphemies, and practices, that are revealed in these historical books. The only difference TODAY is that there are MORE Masonic groups (e.g., women’s groups, youth groups, and even “Black Masons” lodges, etc.) than there were back when those were originally written. Nevertheless, since even the “new” groups have the same evil root as original Freemasonry, I highly suggest that you take a moment to download all of these resources (both modern and historical) before proceeding to the next article. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: I suggest that you create a folder on your computer for these files. Once you do, then “right-click” with your mouse on the following graphic images, and then select either “save target as” (if you are using a Windows PC) or “save link as” (if you are using a Mac) from the menu which appears. That will open the download window. Then navigate within that new download window to the folder that you created on your computer, and save each file into that special place. (Note: If you are using a laptop without a mouse, then often a “control-click” or an “option-click” does the same thing as a “right-click” on a mouse.) Any exceptions to the download instructions above will be noted underneath the graphic image in a special caption. Note: All of the documents below are now in the public domain (i.e., are not in copyright) because of either their age, or because they have been placed into the public domain by their authors. The audio MP3 series, however, is protected by a registered U.S. Copyright, but is offered under a FREE “Creative Commons License,” which allows the free use and redistribution of the files (which license is explained on the special download page for that series). So according to the available information, you can freely download ALL of these resources, and share them with others as well. . Modern Resources: Codex_Magica-by_Texe_Marrs-3“Codex Magica” by Texe Marrs: This first book has been put into the public domain by its author. This resource focuses more on the occult aspects of the various Masonic groups than their history or ceremonies. However, its main advantage is that it is loaded with over 1,000 photographs/images of actual Masonic handshakes and occultic signs. You will likely be quite surprised by many of the images and their captions. It is important that you least download this resource and scroll through the pages looking at the photographs and artwork, because this it will prepare you for the KCM materials that we will provide in subsequent articles of this series. (File size: About 32 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . The-Order-of-the-Eastern-Star-Anonymous-2“The Order of the Eastern Star”: This anonymous paper on the nefarious women’s Masonic group is extremely well-researched, and features a very respectable number of footnotes and a surprisingly large bibliography for such a short essay. However, its value as a resource regarding this female Freemason organization cannot be understated, because we will be examining the signs and symbols within KCM material that indicate that even the women of the Copeland family (e.g., Gloria and Kellie in particular) are members of this blasphemous group. (File size: Only about 100 KB) . (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . The_Fundamentals_of_the_REAL_Gospel-2 Click the graphic image above to open the download page in a new browser window, where you will find separate download instructions. “The Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel”: This is a FREE audio MP3 series which I recorded, and which you can download FREE of charge from the page for this series. Therein, the main subject is, of course, what the title itself conveys. There is no other topic more important in the Bible, because it is only by the REAL Gospel that we can be saved — and all true doctrines of Christ flow from a correct understanding of this “cornerstone” subject. So understanding this subject more clearly provides a critical component whereby you can more easily identify truth from error. Furthermore, herein I also covered many relates side-topics, to include discussions of various heretical groups, including Freemasons. I also discuss the Copelands themselves within this series at several points, and make a few points regarding Masonic influence upon their doctrines. Thus, this is a great audio teaching resource…but don’t take my word for it. Here are a couple of excerpts from the reviews on the download page itself: “…We had better know WHAT the REAL gospel is! With so many voices speaking today, it is a blessing to hear a CLEAR, BIBLICALLY sound voice in Rich Vermillion who is able to skilfully explain and define what the REAL gospel is. He lays a solid foundaion from both history and Scripture and teaches from an open heart, often baring his own heart before us. I laughed with Rich, I cried with him, and I shouted Hallelujah many times as I listened to this awesome series. It is equally valuable to new believers as it is to seasoned, mature ones. And unlike so many “teachers” out there, Rich is not making merchandise of the Body of Christ because he gives it away at no charge….” (by Aletha64) “…Whether you are a babe in Christ or a grizzled vet, you will absolutely enjoy this series on the fundamentals of the Gospel! Rich does an outstanding job of laying a great foundation for the series early on, as will be evidenced as you go further along. This series is very informative!…Rich tells you numerous times not to take his word for it, but to search the scriptures for yourself. He makes it clear that this series is about the basic fundamentals of the Gospel, and not an indepth study, HOWEVER, you feel like it is really indepth….” (by MrJaybee) . . Historical Resources: Letters_and_Addresses_on_Freemasonry-by_John_Quincy_Adams“Letters and Addresses on Freemasonry” by President John Quincy Adams: This amazing collection of President Adams’ writings on the subject is where I derived the quotes further above within this very article. Trained as both a lawyer and logician, Mr. Adam’s logic and arguments against Freemasonry are irrefutable — and he based them also upon an extensive research of the facts. I highly suggest that you begin reading this book with the Introduction by Charles Francis Adams (his son), in which the murder of Captain William Morgan is described in some detail throughout the discourse. But then, I suggest that you proceed to read Mr. Adams’ marvelous “Address to the People of Massachusetts,” which begins on page 269 of the book. Therein, Mr. Adams goes into great detail how he became involved in the Anti-Masonry Movement, how he confronted the issue, and the many outrageous and vile persecutions that came against him because of his efforts to oppose this evil “institution” on behalf of civilized society, the Church — and even for the sake of sane rationality itself. This is an amazing book, indeed. (File size: About 13 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . "Proofs of A Conspiracy" by John Robison“Proofs of A Conspiracy” by John Robison: Another amazing historical book on the subject, this 3rd edition, printed in 1798 A.D., is actually a scanned copy from the personal library of President John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President (and father of President John Quincy Adams). Proofs of A Conspiracy was widely distributed around Europe and, to a slightly lesser degree, the Americas. It exposed a documented conspiracy to overthrow the governments of Europe through the Masonic lodges by the “Bavarian Illuminati,” and its publication resulted in the raid of that evil group’s Bavarian offices and the arrest of many of its members. It was highly respected and esteemed in that day by government leaders, officials, academics, and clergy alike. Interestingly, Mr. Robison was himself a 3rd degree “Master Mason,” and is actually quite benevolent toward the institution as it was practiced up to that degree. However, he strongly denounced the subsequent degrees and their perversions, blasphemies, and evil nature — and he explains how those more perverted degrees actually came into being, and how the Masons were largely responsible for the French Revolution…even explaining HOW they pulled it off! To show you how credible this book — and its author — was in that day, the Grand Lodge of England today still only officially recognizes the first three degrees of Masonry (though it is widely known that they have many “unofficial” Masons of higher degrees therein too). Mr. John Quincy Adams mentions this book within his writings above in such a way as to make it plain that he was quite familiar with its contents too. I will note, however, that the fonts used in printing during that time are quite strange looking to our own eyes today. The letter “s” was printed back then with a typeface very similar to a cursive “f,” as we would think of it. So it will take a little getting used to that fact as you read the text. There are also French and German terms/places mentioned therein with which you might be unfamiliar (unless you speak those languages, of course). But once you get used to the typeface used in printing the book, you should not have very much problem following the captivating narrative as he takes you “behind the scenes” of many of Europe’s most famous historical events — and shows you things that the “history books” you read back in school have strangely left out. (File size: About 45 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . Light_on_Masonry-by_David_Bernard“Light on Masonry” by (Elder) David Bernard: This book is the second expose’ book ever published on Freemasonry, having been published just three short years after the Masonic execution (murder) of Captain William Morgan. Without question, the personal testimony of this Baptist minister is compelling and shocking. He was an active Freemason — and an “Intimate Secretary” in the “Lodge of Perfection,” making him quite privy to the secrets of the order — when the news spread through the lodges that Morgan had been executed by Masons. He objected to the crime, and was then persecuted himself for not agreeing with this horrible act. So he left the lodge, and became one of the leaders of “seceding Masons” (i.e., ex-Masons, or those who left the order) and served as the Secretary of the Convention of Seceding Masons — which convention authorized, and even assisted in, the drafting of his book. Begin by reading at the very front and through the Introduction — but do not stop there. This book not only contains the “secrets” of forty-eight (48) degrees of Freemasonry, but it also contains the sworn testimony of some of those involved in the court inquiries after of the murder of William Morgan (including the testimony of his bereaved widow). Starting on page 514, there is also the wonderful “Candid Appeal to Professors of Religion…” [i.e., those professing to be Christians] “…Upon the Subject of Speculative Freemasonry,” written by Beriah B. Hotchkin, who was the “Ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Church in LeRoy, New York.” This is a MUST-READ for anyone who professes to be a Christian, and especially those who have had ANY contact with Freemasonry. (And I also highly recommend my own article, The Supreme Value of Righteousness, as well.) Many other wonderful and/or shocking things are recorded in this book too. So let me please allow President John Quincy Adams to further encourage you to read this work. This is what he stated within his “Address to the People of Massachusetts” about this particular book of Brother David Bernard (bracketed notes mine): …It was not until the fourth of July, 1828, that the convention of seceding Masons, held at Le Roy, made public the secrets, oaths, obligations, and penalties of the higher degrees. Nor were the proceedings of that convention made known to me till I found them in David Bernard’s [book], Light on Masonry. To that book and its author permit me, my fellow-citizens, while recommending it to your perusal and meditation, to offer the tribute of unfeigned respect—a tribute the more richly deserved for the slanders which Masonic benevolence and charity have showered upon them. Elder David Bernard was a minister of the Genesee Baptist Association in the State of New York. He was a man of good repute, and of blameless life and conversation. Like many others, he was ensnared into the taking of fifteen degrees of Masonry, and was the intimate secretary of the Lodge of Perfection. He was one of the first seceders from the order [i.e., those seceding from, or leaving, Freemasonry], and from that time underwent every possible persecution from Masons, and the frequent danger of his life. Among the most interesting documents demonstrating the true spirit of Masonry, which have appeared in the course of this controversy, is the plain and unaffected narrative of the treatment which he received, and of the scenes which he witnessed at the meetings of lodges and chapters, before the murder of Morgan as well as after, from the time when it was projected in them. That it was so projected is established by his testimony, confirmatory of numerous other demonstrated facts. To David Bernard, perhaps more than to any other man, the world is indebted for the revelation of the most execrable mysteries of Masonry, nor could he, as a minister of the word of God, have performed a service to his country and his fellow-Christians more suitable to his sacred functions. It was principally by his exertions that the Le Roy convention of seceding Masons assembled and published the oaths, obligations, and penalties of the higher degrees of the order… This quote was taken from pages 278-280 of Adams’ book, “Letters and Addresses on Freemasonry,” listed above for your download. (File size: About 77 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . Letters_on_freemasonry-by_John_G_Stearns“Letters on Freemasonry” by (Elder) John G. Stearns: This is another of remarkable text from history, which I will allow Rev. Charles G. Finney to introduce to you this time: They kidnapped Morgan and for a time concealed him in the magazine of the United States Fort—Fort Niagara, at the mouth of Niagara River, where it empties into Lake Ontario. They kept him there until they could arrange to dispatch him. In the meantime, the greatest efforts were made to discover his whereabouts, and what the Masons had done with him. Strong suspicions came finally to be entertained that he was confined in that fort; and the Masons, finding that those suspicions were abroad, hastened his death. Two or three have since, upon their deathbed, confessed their part in the transaction. They drowned him in the Niagara River. The account of the manner in which this was done will be found in a book published by Elder Stearns, a Baptist elder. The book is entitled “Stearns on Masonry.” It contains the deathbed confession of one of the murderers of William Morgan. On page 311, of that work, you will find that confession. Note: Finney was referring to Stearn’s first book, Stearns on Masonry, which was later re-written by Mr. Stearns and then re-published as “Letters on Masonry.” The same confession mentioned by Mr. Finney above, however, is found on page 17 of this 1860 edition of Brother Stearns’ second book. (File size: About 4 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . Charles_Finney's_1869_Book_on_Freemasonry-4“The Character, Claims, and Practical Workings, of Freemasonry” by Rev. Charles G. Finney: This is probably one of the most famous historical books on the subject of Masonry within Christendom today, as citations from it appear all over the Internet. Originally published in 1869, this book presents one of the most logical and biblical attacks on Freemasonry ever produced. And no wonder! Rev. Finney was himself a Master Mason before his conversion to Christ, but immediately recognized that the oaths and practices of that “institution” — even at only the 1st degree — was completely incompatible with his new found faith in Jesus Christ. So he left the lodge, and began his studies for the ministry, while continuing his practice as a lawyer for a season. Many years later, as a veteran minister, and with the keen eye of a lawyer to point out facts and to present his case, Finney produced a book which was to become one of the chief catalysts for the more subdued Second Anti-Masonic Movement within the United States and England, which began about 1850, accelerated after this book was published in 1869, and then continued in different intensities until about 1910. Again, this book is found mentioned all over the Internet, and has even been re-printed by some. However, I found myself questioning the authenticity of those versions, because they had all been newly typeset. Knowing how the Masons have distorted the original William Morgan book (published posthumously by the printer, i.e., after Morgan’s murder) in order to deceive people about the true nature of Freemasonry, I was skeptical whether ANY of the modern versions were actually true to Finney’s original text. (By the way, that also means that we should never trust any alleged “copy” of Morgan’s Anti-Masonic book, because many counterfeits were produced.) Therefore, I embarked upon a research project to find an ORIGINAL 1869 edition of the book — and FOUND one in the archives of an Ohio historical society. After paying the fees to have them copy this fragile old book on their special copier (which copies from above, hence the need for them to hold down the pages with pencils in order to make a good copy), they produced a set and shipped me a photocopy of the entire original book. This PDF file that I offer to you above, is a scan of those photocopies; and I give it to you free of charge — although I had to pay reproduction charges for my own copy. (File size: About 20 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . A_ritual_of_freemasonry-by_Avery_Allyn“A Ritual of Freemasonry” by Avery Allyn: Last, but certainly not least, is another of the original Anti-Masonic books published during the First (and most intense) Anti-Masonic Movement. It has often been compared with Bernard’s, which came right before it. However, this later 1853 edition has the added benefit of wood carving illustrations, which demonstrate the different aspects of the initiation rites (there were no illustrations within the 1829 edition of Bernard’s Light on Masonry). Furthermore, Mr. Allyn’s own testimony is unique to his own experience, and certainly worth reading. He makes special mention of hypocritical “ministers” throughout his introduction, who he witnessed within the lodges. Thus, Brother Allyn’s book brings forth a viewpoint that is VERY appropriate to our discussion of the Copelands. Lastly, Mr. Allyn made numerous footnote comments throughout his book, which provide very helpful insights. Perhaps that is one reason why Mr. Finney chose to quote from Mr. Allyn’s book more than any other, when he wrote his own masterpiece above — and it is quoted within Mr. Adams’ book above as well. (File size: About 37 MB) (Right-click the image, and then select either “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download) . Website Resources: . There are also a few outstanding websites that are available for your perusal. I will list what I deem to be the most important one first, and then list the subsequent ones in alphabetical order thereafter: (Saint’s Alive): This website is particularly important because it will detail to you facts about BOTH Freemasonry and Mormonism (which are quite intertwined with each other). Have you noticed how the Copelands and other alleged “Christian” ministers (e.g., David Barton, Joel Osteen, etc.) have embraced and/or endorsed Mormons as being “Christians”? People such as Glen Beck (for whom Gloria Copeland spoke in Washington, D.C.) and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, are two people that have been commonly referred to as “Christians” numerous times, despite the fact that they themselves emphasize that they are “Mormons.” Stephen and Kellie Copeland Swisher, with Glenn Beck, David Barton, and Rick Perry From left to right: David Barton, Stephen Swisher, Glenn Beck, Kellie Copeland Swisher, and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). (Click to enlarge) When you study the resources at the above ex-Mormon website, you will discover the reason for this: Any Mormon who has received a Temple recommend, has become a Freemason. In fact, both Freemasons and Mormons are buried after they die, with a “lambskin apron” upon their bodies, which they believe will “cover their sins” before God in the Great White Throne judgement (see a Freemason. In fact, both Freemasons and Mormons are buried after they die, with a “lambskin apron” upon their bodies, which they believe will “cover their sins” before God in the Great White Throne judgement (see Revelation chapter twenty) — much like Adam and Eve falsely assumed that mere “fig leaves” were enough to cover their own nakedness before God. (See Genesis chapter 3 for the Bible’s account of Adam and Eve; and I also suggest that you read both this article and this article on the Saints Alive website for a discussion of the Mormon/Masonic beliefs about judgment and the identical nature of their initiation rites.) Thus, we find a shockingly simple “minister test” that we can use, as we identify why certain alleged “ministers” have endorsed Mormons as “Christians”: The very fact that any alleged “minister” would call a Mormon by the term “Christian,” or even “Christian brother,” reveals that either: (A) the alleged “minister” in question is a theological idiot, for he/she does not understand that Mormon doctrine is a counterfeit of, and opposed to, the genuine doctrines of Christ; (B) the alleged “minister” is actually a Freemason, and thus, they genuinely consider the Mormon to be their “brother” or “sister” from that perspective; or even more likely, (C) both of these are true. (Ponder that for a while.) (Ephesians 5:11): This website was created by ex-Masons, with the purpose of calling current Freemasons to repent of their membership, and to call them to a genuine faith in Christ. It also has the purpose of teaching Christians how to evangelize Masons. The website’s design is old, and thus, its navigation is a bit “clunky.” Nevertheless, the content of this website is excellent and I highly recommend it. (Ex-Masons For Jesus): This website is also very excellent, but due to the similarities in appearance, I suspect that it is hosted by the same group of ex-Masons (or perhaps it was designed by the same person for different groups). Nevertheless, again, the content is very good, despite the somewhat antiquated appearance and navigation. It also seems to be designed with a slightly different purpose in mind. Who Do We Believe? In the minds of some, however, the question might arise how reliable the above resources might be regarding the “institution” of Freemasonry. After all, Masons often deny such evil occurs within the lodges, and they often deny that they have themselves uttered such blasphemous oaths and heresies as are reported by others. And those who have reached the degrees of Knight Templar and Knights of Malta, and higher, certainly are prone to deny that they drank wine from real human skulls, as a part of their initiation rites. And frankly, when a husband or parent, or sibling, or a dear friend, or their pastor or some other “trusted” individual, denies such allegations, one can be very easily persuaded to believe the “best” of that respected individual or loved one, rather than to question them further. Who wants to believe that they live with someone who drank wine from a real human skull? Who wants to believe that their parents were so vile as to swear to have their own throats cut if they reveal the silly “secrets” of their lodge? And who wants to believe that their pastor or favorite “preacher,” who is so publicly pious, could be so secretly hideous? Mr. Adams notes very well the uncomfortable dilemma that one alleged “preacher of the gospel” found himself in during the inquiries following the death of Captain Morgan. When he was questioned about his oaths as a Knight Templar, he found himself both unwilling and unable to answer the question honestly: In the Rhode Island investigations another witness, a minister of the gospel, upon being asked if he had drank wine from a human skull, answered, “I do not know that it can affect the interest of anyone whether I drank wine out of a skull, a tin-cup, or a basin.” A third witness declined answering the question. (Excerpted from page 247 of the edition provided above.) Facing the “death penalty” of his horrific and obscene oaths on one hand, and the judicial oath to provide only true testimony on the other, the fool was unable to answer the question directly — and this does not even take into account the probable disgust and shock of his parishioners, should they have ever known what demonic practices he was participating in covertly. Frankly, when addressing the issue in regard to someone you had previously trusted, just the idea that something like that MIGHT have happened is a shock to one’s sense of reality; and thus, we can understand why a person can be prone to quickly accept the evasive “testimony” of the Mason — i.e., rather than enduring the psychological effects of admitting that the person in question has such an evil “dark side” that was hidden from their view. (Indeed, one really has to consider Masons as essentially schizophrenic, because of the “split personality” that they all have due to the demonic influences that have warped their inner character.) So who should be believed? Should the active Masons be believed? How about the ex-Masons? What about the never-Masons, such as President John Quincy Adams (and myself), who instead rely upon the testimony of ex-Masons? Well, the good Reverend Charles G. Finney answered that question with amazing clarity and logic — from the perspective of a former lawyer (which, again, he was, prior to his own salvation). In chapter three of his book on Freemasonry above, he explains: …(2.) We cannot learn what Masonry is from the oral testimony of adhering Masons. Let it be pondered well that everyone of them is under oath to conceal and in no way whatever to reveal the secrets of the order. This Freemasons do not deny. Hence, if they are asked if the books in which Masonry has been published are true, they will either evade the question or else they will lie; and they are under oath to do so. Observe, adhering Masons are the men who still acknowledge the binding obligation of their oaths. Now, if they are asked if those books truly reveal Masonry, they consider themselves under an obligation to deny it, if they say anything about it. And, as they are well aware that to refuse to say anything about it is a virtual acknowledgment that the books are true, and would therefore be an indirect revelation of Masonry; they will almost universally deny that the books are true. Some of them are ashamed to say anything more than that there is some truth and a great deal of falsehood in them. (3.) As they are under oath to conceal the secrets of Masonry, and in no wise whatever to reveal any part of them, their testimony in regard to the truthfulness or untruthfulness of those books is of no value whatever. It is mere madness to receive the testimony of men who are under oath, and under the most horrid oaths that can be taken—oaths sustained by the most terrific penalties that can be named to conceal their secrets and to deny that they have been published, and that those books contain them—l say it is downright madness to receive the testimony of such men, it matters not who they are. Masons have no right to expect an intelligent person to believe their denials that these books have truly revealed Masonry. Nor have they a right to complain if we reject their testimony. What would they have us do? Shall we believe the testimony of men who admit that they are under oath to conceal and never in any way reveal the secrets of their order, when they deny that their secrets are revealed in certain books? And shall we ignore the testimony of thousands who have conscientiously renounced those horrid oaths, at the hazard of their lives, and declared with one accord, and many of them under the sanction of judicial oaths lawfully administered, that Morgan, Bernard and others have truly revealed the secrets of Freemasonry? There are at this day thousands of most conscientious men who are ready to testify on oath that those, books contain a substantially correct exposition of Freemasonry as it was and is. I say again that Freemasons have no right to expect us to believe their denials; for while they adhere to Masonry they are under oath to “conceal and never reveal” any part of its secrets and of course they must expressly or impliedly deny every revelation of its secrets that can be made…. …Renouncing Masons are the best possible witnesses by whom to prove what Masonry really is. ( a. ) They are competent witnesses. They testify from their own personal knowledge of what it is. (b.) They are in the highest degree credible witnesses. First, because they testify against themselves. They confess their own wrong in having taken those terrible oaths, and in having had any part in sustaining the institution. Secondly, their testimony is given with the certainty of incurring a most unrelenting persecution. Adhering Freemasons are under oath to persecute them, to destroy their characters, and to seek to bring them to condign punishment. This we shall see when we come to examine the books. Adhering Masons have persecuted, and still persecute, those that reveal their secrets, just as far as they dace. They are in the highest degree intolerant, and this every Mason knows. In a recent number of their great Masonic organ, published in New York, they advise the Masons in Oberlin in no way to patronize those who oppose them. Those who renounce Masonry are well aware of their danger. Hut, notwithstanding, they are constrained by their consciences, by the fear and love of God, and by regard to the interests of their country, to renounce and expose it. Now, surely, witnesses that testify under such circumstances are entitled to credit; especially as they could have had no conceivable motive for deceiving the public. Their testimony was wrung from them by conscience. And the authors of the books that I have named, together with several others—such as Richardson, Stearns, and Mr. Allyn, and I know not how many others—are sustained by the testimony of forty-five thousand who publicly renounced Masonry, out of a little more than fifty thousand that composed the whole number of Freemasons then in the United States….And, further, let it be distinctly observed that, as they adhered to Masonry, their testimony is null, be cause they still regarded themselves as under oath in no wise to reveal their secrets; consequently, they would, of course, deny that these books had truly revealed Masonry. I say again, it is mere madness to receive their testimony…. (Excerpted from chapter three, found on pages 23-29 of the original book.) And since what I have provided you within this article has come from the most “competent” and “highly credible” witnesses of times past, including many ex-Masons, what we have discussed within this first article of this series can be replied upon — as can the amazing resources I have provided you above, for your own study and perusal. . Closing Comments Now that we have laid a firm foundation for the remainder of this series, it is time for us to begin looking at the body of evidence that indicates quite convincingly that the Copeland family members are — and indeed, probably have always been — active Freemasons. Before we do, however, just a few closing comments are in order. First, let me note that this will take SEVERAL articles within the series for me to populate this website with a fairly representative sampling of the plentiful evidence that is available. Thus, with the first “evidence” article that follows this one, I am really only introducing the first few items to be examined. For many people, that initial sampling of evidence will be all that is required for them to reach a “verdict” within their own minds. However, others, such as the most ardent Copeland followers, will still be reluctant to believe what their eyes can plainly see. Nevertheless, give me time to bring forth the full number of articles within this series (which will be added only sporadically, as my time permits). Once I have finished laying out my “case” regarding their Masonic involvement fully, I suspect that very few will find themselves still able to continue “defending” the Copeland family on this subject. Second, as I mentioned near the top of this article, it is very absurd for someone to try and claim that Kenneth Copeland is of a specific “degree” — especially the 33rd degree — apart from VERY specific evidence to support such a thesis. That said, however, when such evidence IS PRESENT, we can logically infer from such facts that Kenneth Copeland must be “at least” certain degrees. For example, the “Order of the Eastern Star” is a Masonic subgroup that was designed for the female family members of Master Masons (3rd degree) and above. So when we can logically infer from the evidence (that we will eventually see within this series) that the women of the Copeland family are members of the Order of the Eastern Star, we can ALSO infer logically that Kenneth must at least be a Master Mason by that same evidence — because he would have to be one in order for them to be able to join that other group. In a similar manner, we will note from specific signs and doctrines that Kenneth Copeland must “at least” have taken the oaths of certain other higher degrees too, because these degrees are logically implied by particular signs, and the Masonic doctrines that Kenneth has slipped into his teaching throughout the years. So by the end of this series, we will have arrived at a certain “minimum degree” for Kenneth — but, of course, that does not necessarily mean that he has NOT been initiated to sill higher degrees than that one. Third, let me note that, as we state at the top of every page of this website, we are STILL first and foremost “Calling on the man, his family, his alleged ‘ministry’ — PLUS his many other self-serving ‘wolf’ friends — to simply repent… and get SAVED.” Thus, again, our object here is REDEMPTIVE. We do NOT want the Copelands (or their staff, followers, friends, etc.) to go to HELL! So it is to this end that we are now, after all this time, devoting a series to this subject. Fourth, let me note that should the Copelands actually publicly admit their Masonic involvement, repent thereof, and get saved, and begin to demonstrate actual “good fruits” of salvation (e.g., see Acts 26:20; Titus 2:11-15; 1 John chapter 3; etc.), then we will no longer need to continue this series. So if such a wonderful thing occurs, then we will probably just post an excited “testimony” article as the last post instead. Oh, what a joy it would be to give God praise and glory by such a post! And now, with these three closing points, let us now move to the first “evidence” post of this series in order to begin our investigation. I hope that you have already downloaded the resources I have provided you above. If so, then please click the Facebook “Recommend” button below, and/or one of the other “share” buttons at the bottom of this page, in order to share this information with others. Then simply click on the following link to proceed to the next article: . COMING SOON! Hey, give me a break! I had to take four days out of my VERY busy schedule in order to construct THIS article that you just read — along with gathering for you all the resources that are here for you to download. I plan to get back to work on the first “evidence” sub-article for this series very soon (which is already started) and get that published. Besides all that, you will need time to review all of the download resources from above anyway! So while you wait for me to complete the next article, you can get busy downloading all of the materials, and then review them. Check back here soon, however, to see if I have finished the first “evidence” post and have it up for you to read. I will replace this note with the actual link, once I do. Or better yet, you can sign up for Google’s Feedburner™ email notifications of newly published articles, by clicking here. This FREE service will enable you to automatically receive a notice when the next post has been published (as well as notifications of any other new articles that we might publish in the future on this website, unless you decide to unsubscribe later). To ensure you get these notifications, however, please be sure to look for the “confirmation email” that will come as soon as you submit your email address. You will need to click the link that is provided therein FIRST in order to FULLY activate your subscription. . Always in Jesus, -Rich Vermillion . [1] Colonel William Leets Stone (1792-1844). A biography from The Encyclopedia Britannica Dictionary, Arts, Sciences, and General Literature, Ninth Edition, Volume 22, of 1894, describes him as “a journalist and miscellaneous writer, born in Esopus, New York, was removed to an Indian mission in the western part of the State during childhood, acquired his vocation at Cooperstown, edited newspapers at Herkimer, Hudson, Albany and Hartford, settling down in 1821 as editor and proprietor of the New York Commercial Advertiser, until his death at Saratoga Springs. His political influence was large, and he was noted for his sprightly wit. The more elaborate products of his pen relate to the exposure of mystery and to biography of an historical cast. Letters on Masonry and Anti-Masonry (1832) addressed to John Quincy Adams was his contribution to the Morgan excitement in western New York.” Col. Stone was himself a Freemason. President John Quincy Adam’s son, Charles Francis Adams, described his father’s discourses with Mr. Stone as, “It is proper to state that the letters to Colonel William L. Stone, of New York, were in reply to letters addressed to him by Mr. Stone in apology [i.e., defense], though not in justification, of the Masonic institution. In these letters, he [President Adams] shows most clearly the absurdity of those apologies [i.e., defensive arguments] by one who, though he had abandoned the lodge, still had not formally seceded from the order. (Click here to return to the text) [2] Sinewed, i.e., strengthened. (Click here to return to the text) [3] A priori is a Latin term used within logic. It literally means, “From what is before,” and refers to a process of forming conclusions in a “cause and effect” manner from the propositions given beforehand, that are known to be true. In this case, Mr. Adams is asking Mr. Stone to simply think out the facts that he already knows, and to draw the obvious conclusion that such an institution as Freemasonry, with its particular characteristics, naturally produces conspiracy and evil. (Click here to return to the text)

Monday, September 17, 2012

I just found a new cult. It has no definite name. It is anyone who controls in the Name of the Lord.

There are those who will conduct "Ministries" and tell you to pray, only to glorify themselves and make themselves look like Godly people. You don't think they are bad, because they say they are for a cause to educate or produce professional Ministers in a particular area, bot look at certain things; how does their ministry function? How do people act and feel towards the leader? Are there any lies being told? The people that have to watch fr these things are exactly the people who come out of controlling groups like cults, for they are looking for nurture, but they won't get it in these groups. I will embellish on this in the future.

I have been many places since I began this post, and I have seen many things. The church that I was in developed a bad spirit, and closed its doors recently. I have watched Christian TV, and there is nothing there that interests me. I accessed the website of one of the programs, and wanted to send a prayer request, and do you know that they would not accept the prayer request until I gave them my credit card number? Do you think I did that? I did not and went to another site and was able to put in my prayer request.

It is clear to me that if I have to pay for God to answer my prayers, it is not God to whom I am praying, for God's Son told His disciples, "You received free, give free." Who gets this money? Does it go up to the Heavens and line the pocket of the Lord Himself? I think not, and it just seems to me to be a lie from the pit of hell that to get your prayers answered you must pay money. I will never do it.

But do you see the destructiveness of controlling people? People who tell us lies, people who say things to make us feel unworthy just to make us do things that we wouldn't ordinarily do. I don't even remember when I started this blog, but I thought at least some groups who claimed to be Christian were on the up and up. Now I attend a denomination which is charismatic in nature, but which utilizes the liturgy, and has helped me identify with my Christian roots before the cult I was in. May you all have the same experience, know that God is on His throne, and Christ is Lord.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A letter that the Yucaipa News Mirror would not print.

My hat goes off to the man who runs the Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors who claims to be a Christian, who kicks people out of his classes so that they cannot obtain their certificate that he so adamantly professes to offer. He also moves around often, not giving his correct address, so people can't find out where he lives. He used to offer free bread to the hungry, but of course, he is above all that now. This man has no scruples. I know of no other training center which has as a requirement that one be co-dependent with this wannabe college prof. He is not a man of God, and he if not fit to be a minister to drug and alcohol addicts, nor a trainer of students to counsel them. Mr Belzman does not even deserve this notoriety that I am giving him.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Cult Mentalilty in the Christian Counseling Industry

The Cult Mentality in the Christian Counseling Industry

A student who desires to obtain a certificate in Christian Drug and Alcohol counseling has enough to deal with given the subject matter, the government regulations, and other things without having to deal with potential co-dependency situations in the training field. It can become an exercise in contention of leadership versus followers. Thousands of dollars are spent in obtaining such training, and to see it go out the door due to control issues of a discomforting nature, can be quite an obstacle. Such is the case in the small city of Yucaipa, California.

A training center exists here which is called the Association of [Christian] Alcohol and Drug Counselors, and they have sessions in which they pray, etc., but the man who runs the whole thing is not of God at all. This individual misrepresents the Holy Scripture in everything he teaches. He has said and done things to lower the self respect of his students, expecting them to be ascetic in nature. He expects his employees to do things he refuses to do, such as keep his funds flowing, so he can spend as much as he wants and it is always there. Circumstances such as this are expected in a public university or other such institution, however, using such control tactics in the context of serving God leaves an impression of cultic leadership.

Practices such as this are reminiscent of David Koresh, Jim Jones, and others who have caused havoc in society. It is needless to say that things did not go well when these men were operating. These men curtailed basic human freedoms, and the man behind this so called Christian ministry is doing the same.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have you ever wondered?

This is an article I just finished writing for a newsletter, and is so pertinent for today's times, that I had to put it in this blog. It explains a lot of things as to what our kids have to learn whether they want to or not, and why they sometimes want to rebel against us, etc.

Humanism-A Revolutionary Danger.
In society today, we are surrounded with concepts like psychology and philosophy. We have learned of theorists like Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung. Freud tried to tell us about psychotherapy and Jung advocated spiritualoism. All this has resulted in a confused worldview—so confused, in fact, that students in Christian schools are not well grounded in their faith.
What is happening in schools today to make our children and grandchildren have such a confused worldview? In 1961, in a court case called Torcelo versus Watkins, Atheistic Humanism was established in the US as a state church. Humanism is related to cultism, occultism, atheism, and liberal theology. In 1969, actress Jane Fonda spoke to Massachusetts Uni versity and said if they would study Communism, that they would hope and pray that they would soon become Communists. Karl Marx was a professed Christian who turned atheist and formed Communism.
Statistically, it looks bad when our schools will teach Hinduism and Islam, but forbid the mention of Jesus Christ. According to the Humanist Manifesto I, the original one, which was written and signed in 1933, and later revised to make it more “palatable” to the masses, it is a product of many minds. It was designed to represent a “Developing point of view”, and “not a new creed”, although it has become a creed to politics, the schools and some churches.
Humanism denies creation and that man is in the image of God. It refers to man’s development according to a process, which probably means that they advocate the theory of evolution. They hold an organic view of life and reject that the mind has a spiritual side to it at all. Humanism leans toward anthropology, which considers religion as a means of explaining the origin of things and nothing more. Thus, they render unacceptable anything cosmic or supernatural. Humanism therefore insists that the way to determine the existence and value of realities is by means of “intelligent inquiry” and by their assessment of their relation to human minds.
Do we wonder why people in education and other realms are so confused? Parents are bringing up their kids and teachers have to teach according to this stuff. Humanists deny theism, deism, modernism, and all the varieties of new thought. They justify the removal of prayer and even the mention of God or Christ in the schools by eliminating the emotional aspects of reverence to the supernatural.
The top insult of Humanism is that they think that the religious forms and ideas of our forefathers are “no longer adequate” as if God has suddenly left the picture completely. I experienced some of this in a cult that God brought me out of, and I want the rest of the world to know about this.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jezebel Spirit. A Video Series.

Above is Part I

This is Part II

'Now, my Friends, here is Part Three of the message.

This is Part IV

Biblical Evidence of the Jezebel Spirit in Existence.

Jesus had warned the Church at Thyatira about this diabolical spirit called Jezebel. Jezebel's aim is to silence God's prophets because in doing so, it destroys the testimony of Jesus, which is the spirit of prophecy (Rev.19:10). It takes you away from the truth and from the words of our Lord given to us for the benefit of His Church, to follow what does not come from God. Expert in aping God, it can lure many faithful away from the real prophetic revelation that is given by God's grace. Since a Jezebel spirit counterfeits the prophetic anointing in gifts, calling, and authority, a prophetic leader will become a target of a Jezebel spirit, as will a church in which the prophetic is held in high regard. A prophetic church and its leaders must realize that if the spirit of Elijah is going to return, so will its counter-spirit - the Jezebel spirit.

In these last days the Holy Spirit led us to be aware more than ever of this evil spirit revealing to us its name. It had infiltrated in some of our prayer groups in the past, causing a lot of damage, frustration, quarrels, and finally division and destruction as well as in the Associations of True life in God. It would not fail to penetrate as well in the good work of the Coordinators' team and disrupt it, but with the grace of our Lord we will always succeed in discerning it and remove it from within our circles before damage is done. Just like the angel removing the darnel from the wheat, I have a feeling that these are the times when our Lord is cleansing His field.

My friends, I have seen this spirit in action. These videos are very true and accurate. I can name names of people whom I have been in contact with in my life who have exhibited this spirit. I used to have a Bible Study Group in my neighborhood, which is my mission field, and after a lifetime of experiencing this in the secular realm, I fell victim to it because certain people wanted to come to my Bible study, but the characteristics which they showed me is of this spirit.

We really need to be cautious because this spirit is out there in the midst of us.